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Varicose Veins and Spider Veins Treatment in Croatia

What are varicose veins?
Varicose veins are dilated leg veins which have lost their capability of taking venous blood away from legs. The main principal of venous incompetence lies in veins valves - these small barriers in veins in normal circumstances have the ability of preventing the blood from "falling down" towards the lower parts of leg veins. However, valves in varicose veins are damaged, and, as the result, there is inadequate circulation of blood in varicose veins, i.e. stagnation of blood in lower parts of legs.

How to treat varicose veins?
There are 2 principals of varicose veins treatment:
1) classic surgical removal of varicose veins ("stripping")
2) more modern, endovenous closure of varicose veins

How does endovenous closure of varicose veins work?
Endovenous closure of varicose veins is based on closing the damaged veins inside the body, rather than extracting them from the body. This can be achieved by thermal principle with
- Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT)
...or by chemical principle with
- Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy (UGFS)
In both cases the procedure is based on accessing the veins by means of needle puncture under ultrasound guidance. In case of laser, the laser fiber is inserted into the vein and it heats the vein from the inside, causing shrinkage and closure of the vein. In case of foam, a chemical agent, prepared as foam, destroys the vein wall from the inside. The result is equivocal - shrinkage of the treated vein and its absorption by the body.

What are the advantages of these procedures over classic venous surgery?
The advantages are:
- you do not need to stay in hospital after the procedure
- you do not need to undergo general anesthesia - it is sufficient to use local anesthesia, or, sometimes, not to use any anesthesia at all
- you can get back to your everyday activities/work in a day or two after treatment
- the rates of success are comparable to surgery, but the complications rates and postoperative discomforts are significantly lower

What is your experience in the area?
I'm a Croatian pioneer in this field, and during the last 5 years I have treated varicose veins in more than 500 patients. I fulfilled the necessary requirements regarding education in European Union countries to perform these procedures.
You may visit me in my office for varicose veins diagnostics and treatment in Zagreb, Croatia. If you have any questions regarding varicose veins treatment, I will be glad to answer you.

Anton Krnic, MD, PhD



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