Dr. Anton Krnic - minimally invasive Varicose veins treatment - Croatia


ANTON KRNIĆ, MD, PhD, Specialist in Radiology, Subspecialist in Interventional Radiology, Research Fellow at Zagreb University Medical School

- born in Šibenik, Croatia, 1973

- graduated from Zagreb University Medical School, in 1999/2000 ac. year

- specialized in Radiology/Ultrasound Imaging, 2006

- sub-specialized in Interventional Radiology, 2010

- obtained PhD degree in Phlebology in 2009 (Zagreb University Medical School)

- published the most cited Croatian paper on venous duplex ultrasonography, 2005

- published the most cited Croatian paper on peripheral arterial duplex ultrasonography, 2006

- published the 1st Croatian international peer-reviewed paper on endovenous radiofrequency ablation, 2008

- conducted first Croatian scientific study on endovenous laser treatment, published in 2011 in Switzerland in "Vasa - European Journal of Vascular Medicine"

- one of Croatian pioneers in endovenous radiofrequency treatment, venous foam sclerotherapy, and endovenous laser treatment (EVLT)

- performed numerous laser, radiofrequency and foam sclerotherapy endovenous treatments since spring 2007

- in 2010, as a recognized Croatian scientist, on the proposal from Zagreb University School of Medicine, appointed as Research Fellow

- engaged in modern equipped Sinteza Clinic in Zagreb City Center

- web page: www.moje-vene.com

- Youtube Channel
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Chicago, 2006: Dr. Krnic Anton with Barry Goldberg - one of the pioneers and legends of implementation of ultrasound in medicine.